We don’t like filters. Neither on us, nor on our colleagues. We create organizations and cultures that allow you to feel safe without filters. That’s how we work as coaches and that’s our ultimate goal for the large development projects, too. Regardless if we are developing processes, organizations or leaders, our job is to show you a true mirror that can help your company to move towards a transparent, honest operation.

We’ve purposely put together the most diverse team possible, with members who all have professional business coaching as their second/third/eightieth degree. We have all worked as executives in the market, some of us have been working in urban development, supply chain, business consulting, HR management, organization development, marketing, communication and finance management. After 10+ years of experience, we made a change, and we all strive to put the best of our professions together to set up the most effective project teams possible. This is how we can truly customize our development teams to the particular industry, company and organization. You can read 300+ articles about our operations and experience on our blog. We are proud to be on of the top 100 most popular business coaching blogs around the globe. We are currently ranked at No. 11. If reading is not your cup of tea, you can listen to our podcasts on Spotify or watch them on YouTube. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Join us!

Our Team

Dorottya Nagy-Józsa PCC

Dorka is our CEO. She’s very short and very cheerful. She could live her life through Excel spreadsheets. Three new products jump out of her head every day, and you can’t reach her by phone.

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Judit Pottok ACC

Juci is our co-founder, she kept coaching Dorka until Y2Y was born in 2016. She has endless tolerance for people, she’s the living embodiment of patience.

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Balázs Bezerédy-Herald PCC

BHB is our other co-founder, he’s the common sense of the team. He understands our accountant’s questions, he can answer the lawyer and he never mixes up the contracts. He’s a great catch.

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Gábor Jasper PCC

Jasper (also known as “the Prof”) is our third co-founder. He’s ten years younger than anyone you’ve met in the profession. He always wants something new, for yesterday at the latest, and in a video format, too. He’ll get old one day, too.

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Dániel Somlai PCC

Dani’s patience with people is comparable to Juci’s. He’s unlikely to let even a typo slip in his work, let alone anything more serious. He was socialized in a Big4 environment, so he sends e-mails at 1 a.m. and sets 8.00 deadlines. Always. In return, he works with people like him. Measure for measure.

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Fanni Makrai

Fanni’s first job is HR director, her second job is organization development expert, third job is interior designer, fourth job is cooking instructor, fifth... With her limitless energy and professionalism, she’s involved in everything. Her attitude ought to be taught at the university. We love working with her.

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Orsolya Szénási

Orsi is our right hand. She’s in charge of everything related to finance, support, paperwork, contracting and whatever else we can’t even follow. She keeps extreme order, investigates every issue and loses nothing. Ever since she joined us, Dorka’s heart rate has been lowered by a solid 40, even though it wasn’t high to begin with.

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Zoltán Matskási

We met Zoli through Dorka, they worked together for Coke about a decade ago before they took on the freelancers’ mantle. He either flies, or slides or drives. When he’s not doing any of these, he develops strategies. No matter which activity he’s engaged in though, he always has a cup of coffee in his right hand.

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Our Partners

Alex Macintosh

We thank Dani for Alex who’s been living in Budapest for a couple of years. He has a great presence; he’s practically won every existing award in public speaking. He knows everything you may ever need for a perfect pitch.

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Erika Faltanova ACC

Erika made friends with Dorka back in the International Coaching Federation days, they were tasting beers together. :) She’s been working with us in our regional projects ever since. She can coach and train you in Slovakian, Czech, English or Hungarian, whichever you need.

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Zuzanna Mazurek PCC

Zuzanna met Dorka at the same time with Erika. She’s the former president of the Polish ICF group and an angel that descended on Earth. She’s also involved in our regional pillar as a seasoned coach who works in Polish and English. Her speciality is the pharmaceutical industry. There’s probably nothing she hasn’t seen in this area.

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Lilia Dicu MCC

Lilia joined our team in 2019. In the region, very few people could match her in terms of coaching experience. She works in Romanian, Russian and English. We even have a client for her in Azerbaijan - partly thanks to the COVID-induced breakthrough in online work. She seems to have a shorthand with everyone. She might even read your mind. :)

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