Of course. Process and organization development projects, individual business coaching and the max. 2-3-hour small group executive coaching projects are conducted online. We can do any project remotely as long as we believe we can implement it with minimal loss of efficiency. As for the rest, we restructure them so that the development project could be valid in the online sphere as well. If you have questions or need a professional opinion to reshape your own program, feel free to contact us at info@y2y.hu

No. Some psychologists are also coaches, and some coaches are also psychologists. Most business coaches (like all of us, for example) come from the business sphere, and obtained an ICF accredited coaching certificate with 10+ years of professional experience under their belt.

They refer to the certification system of the International Coaching Federation, i.e., the largest professional global coaching association - so they mean your quality assurance. If you are looking for a coach, choose one with the ACC/PCC/MCC letters after their name.

Yes, we do. If you are an individual client, our rate will be 100 EUR/session. The zeroth session via phone/skype/live is free of charge. We always encourage our individual clients to knock on their boss’ or HR department’s door and ask them to cover the cost of their coaching. You won’t believe, how many of them succeed. Nowadays there are a lot of companies that are willing to provide professional coaching for their employees, but many workers don’t use the opportunity.

Not at all. But we are business coaches, so your fundamental question or blockage has to do with your business side.

As long as you have coffee in your office. :) Of course, it often happens that it takes one or two meetings to crystallize what the task is, i.e., what would make your organization more liveable. Sometimes we are asked to do executive coaching, but it turns out to be a team coaching project. We’ve also had a case when the client asked for team coaching, but it became a culture development project instead. Also, one of our corporate clients wanted a full organizational development, but we conducted a single executive coaching project instead, because the company was not yet at the point where it’s worth launching a full project. We’ve launched it since then, though. :)

Yes. We have coaches and trainers working in English and German. Quite a few of us work in English. Not so many in German, but we’re doing our best. We also work in Slovakian, Czech, Romanian, Russian and Polish. So contact us and we’ll manage.

No. However, we did learn early on that if you don’t specialize, you die. So in the first couple of years, we worked with Milennials exclusively. Of course, we’ve had all the generations since then - except Alpha, perhaps. By the way, what’s the difference, honestly? :)

We have no such thing. Go figure. We work in Budapest, in co-working offices and cafés all over the place. We do projects and training workshops anywhere in Hungary. If you want individual coaching and you live farther than the town of Tata, we’d prefer Skype.
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