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The leadership skills of your bottom, middle and top managers are uneven, you experience deficiencies and incongruence in terms of their soft skills, cooperation and attitude.

We were lucky to had endless leadership development project in the last 6 years. From huge multinationals, like Telekom & Spar to the hottest startups. We do avoid single traning-days, but doing whole development processes from the diagnose till the follow-up. Just some examples from our already delivered topics, but the exact development program will be self-made to you and your organization.

One size definitely not fits all. 

Self awareness

Emotional intelligence

Leading hybrid teams

Ego states (transactional theory)

Learning and behavioural styles

Feedback culture

Delegation, empowerment

Group dynamics, synergies

My leadership brand and visibility

Enabling others

System thinking

Developing your people

7 sources of my leadership power

Solution focus in practice

Consensus orientation

Negotiation skills

Client focus from order to delivery

Retrospective techniques

Growth mindset

Agile mindset

My drivers (transactional analysis in practice)

Burn-out prevention, mindfulness

Servant leadership

Winning pitch

Decision making skill, will

Change management

Transformational leadership


Bringing strategy down to earth

Successor planning

Coaching and mentoring

Microclimate (my role in the organisational culture)

  • Your organization will be run by mature, confident leaders.
  • Your leaders will be more self-aware.

if everything fine whats the result?

trending_up Your organization will be run by mature, confident leaders.
trending_up Your leaders will be more self-aware.

Let's see,

what we can help.

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