Of course, if you roll down to the grey field, you’ll find a bunch of reviews on Facebook. :)

“I’ve been working with the Y2Y team in individual and company coaching. I love them because they honour me with their unvarnished honesty and never(!) act as a yes man just so the client could feel
satisfied. They are willing to confront you with your ideas, beliefs and thoughts. They make you doubt, think, make mistakes, stand up and keep going until you find the real solution! That’s what I got from Y2Y. I’ve learnt that you can’t achieve genuine long-term results unless you are completely true to yourself and face all the painful problems in your way to your goal. The concrete project was successful, but I was given so much more than that...” Gábor Dobos, managing director, Bau-Styl Ltd.

“Before and at the beginning of my work with Dani, my professional morale and motivation was at quite a low point, which affected my private life as well. I was positively surprised how just a few sessions were enough to get me out of this state. Dani is a very good listener, so he easily gets an insight into the given problem or situation as an outsider. He has an excellent knack to grasp the critical ideas and ask the questions that help you move forward in serving a problem. I loved our sessions, each meeting was some kind of “enlightenment” or “aha experience”, after which I was full of energy to continue and put our work in practice. Thanks to his expertise and experience, I feel much more balanced even several months after our discussions. I have a better overview on my work, and I can apply the knowledge I gained through the various trainings. I even happened to solve a personal problem now without assistance.” Anita Balog, Regional Manager, British Telecom

“Every element of the coaching process was very useful, enjoyable and thought-provoking. Ildi gave me honest and heartfelt help in everything. I feel our joint efforts and the extra motivation will bear fruit in the long run, too.” S.M. business analyst, Viacom CBS

“Good coaches help you to find your answers to the questions, that would sometimes be very hard to answer on your own. Dorka devote her full attention to me and sincerely helped me in this process so that I could identify the roots of my problems, while she was giving me constant feedback about my achievements and strengths. At the difficult points, she has hard, but “well, I will take this with me” questions which help you find your direction while she makes sure that you can process this understanding and learning phase. Thank you, Dorka, for learning with me!” Judit Bende, head of department, Richter Gedeon Co.”

“We’ve had eight coaching session with Balázs, which is clearly gold for a young entrepreneur like me. I liked how I already felt at the very beginning of the first session that he how what skills we need to focus on during the coaching process. With some experience at a multinational company and a high-sounding degree in their pocket, most young people are overzealous when they start their entrepreneurial career. If this attitude is coupled with a few early successes, they are almost guaranteed to get too full of themselves. This scenario (would have) applied to me as well, but Balázs gave me a VISION and a complete overview on what I do and why I do it. Due to my past in controlling, the future of my enterprise was always planned, but the sessions with Balázs set me out on a road where this future doesn’t only exist in Excel sheets anymore.” Gergő Unger, head of supply – Beatmates

“The first session surprised me because I didn’t know what coaching was and I didn’t expect to be asked questions so I could find the right direction. I thought I was going to be given advice, or perhaps
put me in situational exercises to show me how I could be a good leader. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised because it an even more marvelous feeling when I give the answers myself since the coach always ask the appropriate questions to lead you to the way. Judit was very kind, friendly, attentive and helpful! I’m very grateful to her for everything we’ve accomplished together!” Szilvia Ordasi, office manager, BHS Trans (Hell Energy Ltd.),

“Life brought me together with Y2Y Business Coaching at the best possible time. I was in the middle of an escalating career crisis when I saw their lecture at a conference, and I was very much touched by it. I contacted them immediately. For me it was key to have a coach coming from the same profession, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to make a real progress in terms of my crisis. As a result of 3 months working together, we managed to identify my career weaknesses, after which my coach, Dorka projected my career options very well, which helped me to overcome the deadlock and put my ideas and plans on the right track. From now on, it’s all up to me... Thanks, Y2Y! :)” F.N., logistician

“Balázs got a very good sense of how he could move me out of a blockage. What he gave me was not just practical advice and techniques to solve specific conflicts (although he did do that, too). He gave me much more: he helped me to have a better picture of myself and be able to identify my goals.” B.E.

“Sometimes you ask yourself: why is this or that so hard for me? Why do I face the same situation again and again? When I contacted Dorka, I had my questions, and quite concrete ones, too.
However, my questions were soon reshaped right in our first meeting. Some new questions emerged which we answered nicely one after the other during our meetings. To be exact, I answered them with Dorka’s help. I believe in coaching, anyway. But what really made Dorka’s group so credible for me was that they are Gen Yers, too. They understand how we Yers think and live in the world of work. In other words, they understand me. That’s why as a Yer I can wholeheartedly recommend Dorka to Yers. Alexandra Hideg, HR business partner – E.ON

“My first meeting with Dorka went so well that I was very much looking forward to all the other sessions. She threw a different light on many corporate operational processes that I thought were bad
or good, and the conclusions have been useful in terms of company operation to this day. The most important thing is that the improvement of workplace communication was greatly satisfying for our
colleagues, and it has been instrumental in increasing work quality to this day.” Péter Váry, managing director– Chez Dodo

“Life brought Balázs in my way at a time when I had to make hard decisions about my career and workplace. Balázs could instantly get on my wavelength, he perfectly felt when to help me better
accept myself and when to throw me out of my comfort zone and make me find a new solution for myself. After each session, I was able to manage the jointly recognized conflicts more and more consciously. At one point I realized I was looking forward to the new situations and new decisions so that I could repeatedly apply the methods he helped me acquire. The result? Everything has changed around me since our first session, and I’m fine, thank you!” Anett Károly, action team leader – Pro Régió Agency

“When I asked Dorka to coach me, I had the feeling that was what I needed at the time. I needed structure, targeted questions and full attention during the coaching process. She does all these things with empathy and without coming to the forefront. I’m very happy I could be part of this experience.” Andrea Mezei, HR business partner – FABORY

“I can recommend Balázs because he’s credible, well-prepared and he has an outstandingly strong empathy for the client’s personality. During the coaching process, we developed a trustful relationship that helped me to identify conflicts, efficiently apply the practical tools and methods to solve them. He also gave the time and space to internalize that I can manage and solve the situations around me despite the occasional checks and setbacks. With the help from Balázs, I could prioritize my existing problems, clear my thoughts, identify
my real goals and recognize (acquire) the tools to accomplish them.” – Zs. G. – deputy director, Pro Régió Agency

“It’s a great feeling when someone listens to you for an hour, but she doesn’t form an opinion, start bringing similar examples from her own life. She just listens and moves you toward the solution with
her questions. Honestly, I was exhausted after the first one-hour coaching session, and I didn’t understand why I was so tired since I had “only” been talking. After a while I realized the unusual and tiring thing was to talk about nothing but myself and my thoughts for an hour. This kind of fatigue feels great today. After each session, I feel I managed to get somewhere or start something in me. The coaching process gives me a structure to think about how I am present in my work, where I could grow and where I want to get. Thank you, Judit for the opportunity!” Petra Bálint – office manager and finance associate in an NGO

“It has given me an incredible momentum. You can actually condense two years of progress into two months. Do you need coaching? No question! Thanks, Dorka!” dr. Miklós Simor, Simor Attorneys-at-Law
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